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Product Line

Mini Worm Factory: the indoor composter

Easy to operate and harvest. After 3 months our vermicomposter will turn most kitchen waste into several litres of valuable worm castings

Our vermicomposter kit measures 58.5cm x 44.5cm x 33cm (23in x 17.5 in x 13in) and includes:

- 1 - 50 litre (13.2 gal) plastic container and lid, with holes for aeration (made of recycled materials)
- 1 - bag of bedding (mulched paper and soil)
- manual packet instructions in English or French
- 1 clay redworm feeding marker
- 1 packet of limestone
- redworms with voracious appetites

All you add is the garbage!

Worm Factories:

Mini Worm Factory with 1/2lb. of redworms... $64.95

Mini Worm Factory with 1 lb. of redworms... $79.95

Mini Worm Factory kit only... $42.95

Red Worms: for the outdoor composter

Redworms and European Nightcrawlers will thrive in an outdoor composter, and do as good or better than in an indoor situation. Any of the plastic outdoor composters make an excellent worm bin during the summer months. Any of the outdoor composters with redworms in them should be treated in the same manner as a worm bin indoors. The composter should be divided into four imaginary feeding zones, just as you would with an indoor worm bin. To do a feeding, using a long-tined pitch fork, which will damage fewer worms than a spade or shovel, pull back the compost in one corner of the unit. Dump your kitchen scraps into the cavity you have just made, and then pull the existing semi-finished compost over it, thereby eliminating odors and pests (insects and animals).

Your next feeding can go in another corner, close to your last feeding, using the manner described above. In a few weeks, when you are back at the original feeding zone, there should be little or no trace of the scraps which you placed there. Continue this process in an orderly manner. The worms will not survive outside in freezing temperatures, however the egg capsules which they have deposited will over winter and hatch the following spring when conditions are favorable.

If you wish to move the wigglers indoors for the winter, do not feed the composter for a week. Using your pitchfork, go to the last feeding zone, and fork the worms into a container. Using this method you should retrieve the majority of the worms, however you will never get every last one.

1/2 lb. Redworms, bedding and book ...$39.10

1 lb. Redworms, bedding and book...$55.30

1/2 lb. Redworms, bedding and vermi-video...$45.40

1 b. Redworms, bedding and vermi-video...$61.60


Bulk Redworms:

1/2 lb. redworms...$22.00

1 lb. redworms...$40.00

5 lb. redworms...$30.00

Bulk Redworm Bedding

One bin replacement size...$8.95

Bulk Calcium Carbonate

Maintains the neutral to slightly acidic environment for healthy redworms.

2 lb. bag calcium carbonate...$4.00

All prices are in Canadian dollars. Please contact us for shipping information. 613-267-5540

Happy vermi-composting !

New and Exciting Products

European Nightcrawlers (Eisenia Hortensis)

Serves dual purpose. They make an excellent composting worm and are a great bait worm (getting up to 6" long and as thick as a #2 pencil with proper feed and care.)

Can be stored at room temperature.

Easy to care for and are prolific breeders.

1/2 lb. 200 - 300 worms(depending on size) ...$22.00

1 lb. 400 - 600 worms (depending on size) ...$40.00

Please inquire about prices on larger quantities

Earthworm Castings

100% organic fertilizer abundant in soluble minerals and richly balanced in nitrogen phosphate, potash and other essential trace elements.

4 litre pail

10 litre bag

30 litre bag

Call for pricing.

Classroom Vermicomposters

Primary Kit - Kindergarten to Grade 3

A Mini Worm Factory Worm Kit with 1/2 lb. of redworms plus two books: "Squirmy Wormy Composters" and "Pee Wee's Great Adventure"

Junior/Senior Kit - Grades 4 to 8

A Mini Worm Factory Worm Kit with 1/2 lb. of redworms plus the book "Worms Eat Our Garbage"

Primary Vermicomposting Kit...$68.70

Junior/Senior Vermicomposting Kit...$73.00

Video: Worm Bin Creatures Alive Through A Microscope

This video zeroes in on the tiny organisms often seen but rarely identified in a worm bin. Concise, interesting, and informative narration makes this video not only fun to watch but an excellent teaching tool for all ages.

Produced by: Flowerfield Enterprises

Duration : 31 min

Price : $39.95

Catalogue Information

All prices are in Canadian dollars. Please contact us for shipping information or to receive our catalogue.

Within our catalogue you will find special bulk offers allowing you to save on our products. The catalogue also includes the complete Worm Factory product line, the Earthworm booklist, ideas and suggestions, classroom supplies, and order forms.

Earthworm Booklist:

Earthworm Big Book:

Squirmy Wormy Composters:

Worms Eat My Garbage:

Worms Eat Our Garbage:

Pee Wee and the Magical Compost Heap:

Herman and Margerite: An Earth Story:

Biology of Earthworms:

Let an Earthworm be your Garbageman:

Darwin on Earthworms:

The Earthworms(Lumbricdae and Sparganophilidae)of Ontario:

Earthworm Selling and Shipping Guide:

Harnessing the Earthworm:

Manual of Therapeutic Medications and Pesticides for Worm Growers:

Raising Earthworms for Profit:

Earthworm Feeds and Feeding:

Profitable Earthworm Farming:

Earthworms Buyer's Guide 1996 - 1997:

A Worming We Did Go:

With Tails We Win:

The Nightcrawler Manual:

The ABC's of the Earthworm Business:

The Worm Farm:

How to Raise, Store & Sell Nightcrawlers:

Larger Red Worms:

Raising Fishworms with Rabbits:

Raising the African Nightcrawler:

Earthworm Big Book: by Keith Pigdon & Marilyn Wolley..$64.95

Squirmy Wormy Composters: by Bobbie Kalman & Janie Schaub..$9.95

Worms Eat My Garbage: by Mary Applehof..$18.95

Worms Eat Our Garbage: by Mary Applehof, Mary Frances Fenton & Barbara Loss Harris..$32.95

Pee Wee and the magical Compost Heap: by Larraine Roulston & Alia Toor..$3.95

Herman and Margerite: An Earth Story by Jay O'Callahan..$12.00

Biology of Earthworms by C.A. Edwards & J.R. Lofty..$11.95

Let an Earthworm be your Garbageman by Henry Hopp..$6.00

Darwin on Earthworms by Charles Darwin..$8.95

The Earthworms(Lumbricdae and Sparganophilidae)of Ontario by John W. Reynolds..$16.00

Earthworm Selling and Shipping Guide by Charlie Morgan..$6.00

Harnessing the Earthworm by Thomas Barrett..$9.95

Manual of Therapeutic Medications and Pesticides by Charlie Morgan..$8.50

Raising Earthworms for Profit by Earl B. Sheilds..$8.95

Earthworm Feeds and Feeding by Charlie Morgan..$7.50

Profitable Earthworm Farming by Charlie Morgan..$7.00

Earthworm Buyer's Guide 1996 - 1997 by Sheilds Publication..$6.00

A Worming We Did Go by Ruth Myers..$6.00

With Tails We Win by Mary Crowe & Gladys Bowen..$4.00

The Nightcrawler Manual by Ray Edwards..$8.95

The ABC's of the Earthworm Business by Ruth Myers..$6.00

The Worm Farm by Charlie Morgan..$6.00

How to Raise, Store & Sell Nightcrawlers by Charlie Morgan..$5.00

Larger Red Worms by George H. Holwager..$6.00

Raising Fishworms with Rabbits by Howard "Lucky" Mays..$6.00

Raising the African Nightcrawler by Charlie Morgan..$6.00

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